Charities should NEVER have to pay a cash fee to any auctioneer when they hold a charity auction event!


Certian high profile Auctioneers charge outragous fees ($5,000 to $20,000 plus a percentage of the sales) to hold a charity auction event. Thats because they make their money by doing these events.


We make our money by running regular auctions every week, and we believe that all money raised at a charity event should go to the Charity, and NOT the auction company running the event.


Please contact us LAST but BEFORE you engage any other auctioneer for your event!


For more information of what we can offer your organization, please check out our other pages and see what we can offer you.


As you are probably aware any live auction event being held in Alberta must be administered by a licensed and accredited auctioneer, even if it is a charity event. Unfortunately most charity organizations are not aware of this and some of them have run into administrative problems with the provincial government and revenue Canada because of this. As the owner of a licensed Alberta auction company, I am willing to volunteer our services to your charity fundraising event. Even if you already have an accredited auctioneer for your event, please continue reading and seriously consider my offer of volunteer services, as we specialize in charity fundraising event auctions. My auction company currently runs live auctions on a weekly basis, with those auctions being simultaneously broadcast over the internet (using our proprietary software) thus allowing for the potential of anyone from anywhere in the world to bid on the items we auction. We also administer internet only auctions through our proprietary software and other live auction sites. We specialize in helping charities raise money through auctions.


What we offer you


Here is a brief summary of what we can do for your organization on a volunteer basis. We will provide you with one of our professional and licensed auctioneers to administer the live auction component of your fundraising event. A professional auctioneer will ALWAYS generate more excitement and higher bids than even the best armatures. But we can actually do more to help you, especially with your promotion and fundraising for the event. We will also provide you with help to maximize the money received from your silent auction as well. As part of our volunteer service we will make an auction catalogue of all your items up for auction (both silent and live) and publish that catalogue online in order to take pre-bids and absentee bids from the general public and people who are not able to attend the event live. We will also actively promote your charity auction at all of our live and online auction events starting now.  Both your event and auction catalogue will be prominently advertised on our website and other related websites. By having your auction catalogue published on our website for pre-bids, we are effectively allowing all of our regular auction bidders, to bid on your items even before your event actually starts. We also have the capability to do a live webcast over the internet of the live auction part of your event, if you wish. After all, the more people who see the items for auction, the more bids you will get and the more money they will bring in to your charity. When all is said and done the only thing that really counts is getting more money for the charity, and we can help you with that, and it won’t cost your charity any money.

Please check out our website


and see our current auction catalogues, and please watch and listen to our live webcast auction every Thursday evening starting at 6:00 pm. We also have contacts with a large number of suppliers some of who may be willing to supply additional items for your charity auction.


Valuation Services


I personally have been involved in dealing with charitable donations in kind for over 10 years and am quite familiar with the CRA rules and regulations. As you are probably aware, in order to issue a CRA acceptable donation receipt for any item in excess of $1000 you are required to obtain an external valuation of the item. And as a licensed auction company we can also provide your organization with valuations for items in excess of $1000.


FREE online auction Listings


As part of our normal auction business, we also run one of the largest eBay style online auction sites in the country. And it is FREE for any charity to use to sell items and generate cash from. Even if you do not use any of our other services, you are still welcome to list any and all of your items on this free auction site. And if you contact us directly we can arrange it so that you can become a site recognized charity which will allow other users of the site the ability to donate a portion of their sales directly to your charity. It is a great way to increase donations, and the charity auctions are highlighted on the site. Please check it out at :




Hosting and Emcee services


Normally charity auctions are held in conjuction with some other live fundraising event. These events generally also need a host or emcee for the festivities. Even though we are not professional hosts, we have numerous contacts in the entertainment industry and can help with the aquasition of a professional presenter for your event. We have conections with professional comedy groups, professional clowns, magicians, and other entertainers.


Please confirm


If you already have an auctioneer for your event, please check and confirm with them that they are willing to offer you the same level of services that we are volunteering to you. If they are not, then they should have no problem stepping aside, and letting us take their position as we can definitely provide more exposure for your event and generate higher prices for your auction items. Please consider our services seriously, and then please get back to me with any thoughts or questions you may have.


Get a $3,500 item donated for your next Charity Auction for FREE


Now on to more information about a potential item donation. I would like to make a product donation for your upcoming charity auction. The items have a retail value of over $3,500 which can be easily verified from the retail sales web site. I will give more information about the item later on in this message. In consideration of this donation all I ask is that you consider our offer of volunteer services. Please note that the donation offer is firm and up to you even if you have no need for our volunteer service.

The item I am willing to donate is an educational course package valued at $3,500. This is a home study course package that is made up of four separate modules each with a manual and DVD’s which will train an individual how to buy and sell online through eBay auctions.  Each of these modules are sold separately for $800-900 each for a total retail value of $3,500. You may check out these specific  items at the following website:


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Please let me know if you would like more information or if you would like this item for your auction. You can get hold of us through the contact page, or email me directly at




Larry Yakiwczuk

B.M.Sc., B.Sc., B.Sc.(HONORS), M.Sc., M.Eng., M.B.A

President Buckaru Auctions

President Buckaru Investments

President Buckaru Realty

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